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When you simply want The Very Best, there's nothing quite like a satellite system from TITOSAT. Our objective is customer satisfaction. Each and every system we install is treated as unique with emphasis to detail. In all of our installations all over Cyprus our customers enjoy sparkling crystal-clear satellite pictures and hassle-free operation for many years. Twenty-five years of proven experience in the field of satellite TV and our comprehensive after-sales support set up apart from competition. What we are really proud of is that the best testimony for our excellent reputation is our customers.

Experience the magic of home television via satellite. The positive intervention of state-of-the-art technology and the latest digital satellite services cover all programs of interest, current affairs and views from all over the world with a daily dose of healthy entertainment; art, culture and tradition intermingled with travel and lifestyle; business opportunities and economic sense going hand in hand with sports, women, children and development.

Enjoy the tour in our website and should you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us either by completing the online enquiry form provided to our website, or call us at +357 22 43 39 71 to speak with our experts personnel.

TITOSAT & SONS LTD, known in the early days of 1980s as SATELLITE TVRO SYSTEMS, are the pioneers and experts in satellite television, not only in Cyprus but in the Middle East and Europe, too. Experiments for satellite TV reception began in 1980 with a 3.0 meter solid one piece aluminium dish antenna (0.25 F/D) obtained from an ex MARCONI radar of British army surplus. 

With the first very rare satellite receiving equipment, mainly imported from USA, and with a very limited set of satellite data, we have succeeded to receive from C band the Russian channel PROGRAMME 1 (ORT1) from GORIZONT 7 & 9 at 14 dgs West & 53 dgs East and Armed Forces Radio Television Services (AFRTS) from INTELSAT F8 at 1 dg West including a few OTS & ECS satellites. Reception from Ku band satellites was made possible in the mid 80's with channels like RTL & 3SAT from EUTELSAT at 13 dgs East.

Apart from the satellite dish, other system components included a C band LNA with N.T. 120K from AVANTEK - USA (then industry standard), a block-downconverter from NORSAT (Canada), CHAPARRAL C band feedhorn, a Ku band LNBF with N.F. 2.5 dB from DX (Japan) covering the 11-12 GHz band, manual satellite receivers from DX and Anderson Scientific Inc.(USA), as well as first hand information from the INTELSAT organization in New York. Some very valuable handbooks used at that time included the STTI'S International Satellite Television Reception Guidebook (1st edition 1982) by Stephen J. Birkill, Satellite Television Handbook by Stephen Reed (July 1980) and The World of Satellite Television by Mark Long and Jeffrey Keating (1984). 

Ever since, numerous satellite systems have been installed by our company all over Cyprus, ranging from fixed 1.0 meter to 5.0 meter fully-automatated motorized systems, for the reception of both analogue as well as digital satellite TV channels. The company gained its popularity primarily due to the fact that unbeatable quality systems second to none are offered and supplied to its customers, offering the best value for money, while providing at the same time a comprehensive after-sales service. 

Nowadays, our company offers the very latest state-of-the-art satellite equipment from USA and Europe, installed and configured for problem-free reception. Your guarantee of worry-free ownership of one of the world's most acclaimed satellite systems is ensured by purchasing a complete system package installed by our finest experts and qualified engineers. 

TITOSAT satellite systems are supplied with a minimum 12 months guarantee on all electronic parts and labour and 10 years on all aluminium dishes, including a free 12-month on-site after-sales service. 


Why Choose Us?

TITOSAT & SONS LTD has far more years of proven experience in satellite TV in Cyprus than any other competitor. With a quarter of a century of experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of satellite TV systems in Cyprus, TITOSAT & SONS LTD are the undisputed pioneers and proud to be reputed as the ultimate choice for quality satellite systems.  We are a customer-centric company that listens and adapts to customer needs for the delivery of a prestigious satellite system our customers are proud to own.  Our customers benefit from the following advantages: 

Turnkey solutions – TITOSAT turnkey approach means that customers benefit from a one-stop-shop that answers all of their satellite television needs, by delivering comprehensive solutions that meets a customer’s specific requirements. We have a wide range of systems, from 1 meter to 5 meters fixed or rotating, for single or multiple users. We shall be glad to visit you at your premises for a free-site survey and advise you on the best solution for you according to your needs and budget.

Quality – Quality means emphasis to detail for all system components, that is the dish, mount, LNB, receiver, decoder, etc. Our systems incorporate excellent stamped solid aluminium satellite dishes for enhanced efficiency and heavy-duty hot-galvanised steel mounts with stainless steel bolts for protection against corrosion and increased stability. All components are sourced by the finest manufacturers to guarantee reception at all times even under adverse environmental conditions.

Expertise & Professionalism – TITOSAT has more than 25 years of experience in successfully deploying systems for analogue and digital satellite reception to enterprise and residential customers.  The difference between excellent satellite TV reception and poor signal quality often boils down to one thing: the installation. A correct installation performed by a professional and experienced installer can pull out that last fraction of a decibel in signal strength, making the difference between problematic TV reception and a perfect TV picture.  Here is where TITOSAT satellite experts excel, in delivering the best available signal from the best satellite system components; and that's what gives us the precedence against the competition. 

We only sell satellite systems – TITOSAT is probably the only company in Cyprus that deals exclusively with satellite TV reception. Our core business is satellite TV reception.

After-sales support – The aluminium dishes we install in our systems are backed-up by ten years of factory guarantee one year for all electronic parts. Should anything go out of order we provide a no-charge 12 month comprehensive on-site service all over Cyprus.

Outstanding Value. Guaranteed! 
The bottom line is that our solutions offer to our customers a quality system. We tailor our solutions and services to specifically suit the needs of our customers, and leverage our extensive experience to guarantee premium customer satisfaction. We endeavour not only to provide problem-free systems, but also to foster long-term relationships with our customers.

Make the right choice! Be the proud owner of a satellite system from TITOSAT!  

Our clients include:

  • Governmental organisations 
  • Cyprus Telecommunications Authority 
  • Foreign Embassies 
  • Public Organisations 
  • Offshore and local private companies 
  • Hotels 
  • Pubs 
  • Betting offices 
  • Various local and foreign residential customers