TITOSAT's expert team has installed numerous turn-key satellite systems throughout Cyprus since the 1980s.  We pride ourselves on the talents and abilities to provide any satellite system the customer requires.  The following are just a few of the services that we are able to provide you.

  • Site Surveys 
  • Turn-key satellite installations 
  • TVRO and VSAT stations 
  • After sale support

Turn-key systems

Our satellite systems include the finest equipment available in the satellite industry worldwide. We give emphasis to detail to deliver to our customers the best satellite system components. Our objective is to provide you with a quality satellite system that will serve you for years of trouble-free operation with crystal clear video pictures.

Typically, the main components of a satellite system are the parabolic reflector (dish), the LNB and the satellite receiver. An LNB sits on the end of an arm and faces the dish which focusses the signals from a satellite 36,000 km away into the "feed horn" of the LNB. The LNB converts the signals to a lower frequency and sends them out to the cable connector, which connects to the satellite receiver via coaxial cable.

The following photos display an example of the quality of our dishes, which are all imported as solid aluminium with hot-galvanised mounts for extra long-lasting protection against weather conditions.


Examples of satellite receivers and LNBs.

Satellite Channels - Packages

All Satellites

Click on the following links to view the channels and satellites beaming over Europe, Atlantic Ocean and Asia. Please note that the satellites that are viewable from Cyprus are from 105 E to 40 W. All other satellites lie below the Horizon.


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Per Digital package 
Eurpe, Africa & Middle East       
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